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Farm Car Care – the care cars need.

Full Service Auto Repair in Vernon CT.

Welcome, we are Farm Car Care, we have been providing quality automotive service in Vernon since 1944.  We service both foreign and domestic cars SUV's and trucks. We provide routine service such as oil changes. We also do major repairs such as brakes or engine repair.

Farm Car Care is independently and locally owned.  We have trained mechanics on staff and we have the latest diagnostic equipment.  We answer to you, our customer, not to a sales manager, and not to Detroit or Tokyo.

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Local Car Care, for Vernon, Rockville, Manchester and neighboring communities.

Did you ever wonder how a car dealer can sell a new car and only make a few hundred dollars on it?  They stay in business because most people come back to them for service even though their service prices are high.  If you go back to them for routine service like an oil change, you will likely pay too much. If you go back to them when your odometer looks like this:

Car Service

then all we can say is good luck. We have been in business since 1939 because we treat our customers fairly.  We want you to come back, we want you to refer your friends to us.  We will be here regardless of what happens to Detroit and their dealers.